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Acute Primary Care & Board Certified Internal Medicine located in Greenwich, Stamford, & Stratford, CT

In today’s hectic world, you need a trusted medical team to help you stay healthy and well for life. The expert doctors and nurses at Murphy Medical Associates offer primary care and preventive care to women, men, and children aged 12 and up at their three locations in Greenwich, Stamford, and Stratford, Connecticut. From annual exams to immunizations, to weight control and chronic pain management, let Murphy Medical Associates become part of your wellness family. To schedule a consultation, call the friendly staff at the location nearest you, or use the online outreach form.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is first-line general wellness care. You usually see your primary care provider at least once a year to monitor your health. You can use primary care to get:

  • Annual exams
  • Immunizations
  • Screenings and tests
  • Treatment for juries
  • Treatment for illness or disease
  • Diagnosis  
  • Preventive medicine counseling
  • Nutritional medicine
  • Pain management

Your primary care doctor is also responsible for coordinating any extra medical attention you may need with various specialists, such as dermatologists, oncologists, and orthopedists. The team at Murphy Medical Associates offers an extensive array of preventive care and treatments. 

What happens in an annual primary care exam?

Your primary care professional examines your body and tests your blood for diseases or allergies once a year to ensure that you’re healthy. At Murphy Medical Associates, our focus is on preventive care, so that we may conduct more tests than the average primary care physician. During your annual exam, you can expect:

  • Complete physical examination
  • Reflex test
  • Tests for blood pressure and heart rate
  • Respiration rate measurement
  • Body weight and temperature tests
  • Spirometry
  • EKG

Depending on your symptoms, your team also may recommend:

  • AlCat allergy testing
  • Testosterone tests for men
  • Hormone tests for perimenopausal and menopausal women
  • Molecular tests for early cancer detection
  • Ultrasound

Your medical team encourages annual exams so that any disorders or diseases are caught at early, treatable stages. An annual exam also helps you build trust with your doctors and nurses, so you feel comfortable coming back if you don’t feel well, have uncomfortable symptoms, or are afraid you might have a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

What happens if I don’t feel well?

At Murphy Medical Associates, we have on-site diagnostic ultrasound, X-rays, and DXLabs so your doctor can examine, test, and treat you expediently when you’re not feeling your best.  Depending on their diagnosis, they might recommend:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Nutritional medicine
  • Medical marijuana  
  • Medications

They also help you regain health with food services such as juicing, cleanses, and clean foods. 

What if I’m in an accident or I’m hurt?

If you’re severely injured in a fall, collision, or other traumatic incident, go straight to the nearest hospital’s emergency room. If your injuries are minor, however, call or walk into Murphy Medical Associates during office hours for urgent care treatment. Your primary care provider treats injuries such as:

  • Minor cuts and abrasions
  • Sprains and strains
  • Bruises and swelling
  • Minor fractures and dislocations

To become part of the Murphy Medical Associates primary care family, phone the Greenwich, Stratford, or Stamford office or use the convenient online form to set up an appointment.