Immigration Exams USCIS FAQs

What is the HIV / Aids blood test?

AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is the last and life threatening infection caused by HIV. AIDS is the stage that occurs when your immune system is badly damaged and you become vulnerable to serious infections. AIDS can be transmitted to the human body by means of blood transfusion, sexual contact (anal or vaginal) and sharing needles or injections with someone who has HIV. People with certain risk factors should be recommended to get an HIV/ aids blood test. HIV blood test (immunoassay) looks for antibodies that your blood makes against the HIV. The test is not used to diagnose ADIS but to screen the antibodies of the HIV virus.
If your test results are positive, the civil surgeon will counsel you and refer you to the local county health department for further medical treatment and evaluation.

What is the Tuberculosis / PPD skin test?

A purified protein derivative (PPD) skin test is a test that checks for an antibody reaction and determines whether you suffer from tuberculosis (TB). The test area must be examined for 48-72 hours after the shot to check the possible reactions. If the skin area where you received the PPD get swollen, it means the test results are positive. Some further x-ray and tests will be conducted to check the active disease.
If your chest x-ray is negative, it will not impact your INS status and your I-693 forms will be completed accordingly. A copy of your TB test reports and letter has been given to you. These should be taken to your local health department for further evaluation.
A positive tuberculin skin test does not mean you have a contagious (active) infection, but it can increase the possibility of developing the disease over the next few years. A prophylactic antibiotic will be given to the person to prevent the disease from occurring in future. No reports from the health department are required to be forwarded to me for your INS exam; they are only for your personal health.

What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

If you have gonorrhea, cancroids or granuloma inguinal you need a proper treatment by your local health department. Complete reports and documents should be presented to the civil surgeon prior to the completion of your I-693 form.

What is Leprosy?

Leprosy is a contagious disease that affects the mucous membrane, nerves, skin, causing lumps and discoloration on the skin and in severe cases deformities and disfigurement. If you are suffering from leprosy, then you will be referred to the nearby medical facility. Complete reports and documents should be presented to the civil surgeon prior to the completion of your I-693 form.

Can I open the envelope?

I - 693 & I - 693 supplemental forms will be signed and placed in a sealed envelope after conducting all the specified tests and immunizations. Each person will be given his/her own envelope. In case if the sealed envelope is broken or opened before the INS officer receives it, you need to return that envelope immediately to our office to get it resealed again.

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