Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Intravenous Therapies

At (website name), we offer different IV therapies for treating multiple conditions. Our therapies include

• Intravenous Glutathione booster for treating various conditions
• Myers cocktail IV for improving chronic fatigue
• Vitamin booster for improving body performance
• Stimulating lymph flow to enhance immune system
• Increase stamina, improve athletes performance by providing hydration and energy
• Replenish the skin, remove wrinkles, reduce scars, stretch marks and pigmentation
• Improve blood circulation into the tissues and other organs of the body
• Provide relief from migraine pain, cramping and spasms
• Release amino acids and endorphins

Allergy Testing

What is Allergy?

Allergy is a condition in which your immune system overreacts to substances you inhale such as food, dust or pollens. In most people these allergens cause no side-effects, but in allergic individuals their immune system produces an inappropriate response by identifying them as a ‘threat’.
Allergies can be further categorized into IgE mediated and Non-IgE mediated. In IgE mediated allergies, the immune system overreacts to the specific allergens by producing antibodies called IgE antibodies. However, in Non-IgE mediated allergies, the immune system may respond to the allergens without the production of IgE- antibodies. The symptoms of both allergies may vary from patient to patient and their treatment also depends upon the severity. Some of the common allergy

Symptoms include

• Nasal congestion
• sneezing
• Itchy eyes, nose and skin
• Wheezing
• nettle rash (hives, wheals)
• shortage of breath (asthma)
• Anaphylaxis
• Vomiting, cramping and diarrhea

Types of Allergy tests:

There are various tests through which an allergy can be diagnosed and treated. At (website name), we will first perform a physical examination and ask some question about your allergic symptoms. Based on the examination we will further determine the need and type of test. There are two types of allergy tests:

Skin test:

Skin tests are regarded as reliable, rapid and generally less painful than blood test. While conducting skin test a tiny amount of certain allergens is introduced on or below the skin to examine the possible reactions.

Blood Test:

Blood tests are generally used for those individuals who are not able to give skin test due to certain medications or other skin conditions. The test involves drawing blood from individual vein to look for substances in the blood called antibodies.

FAA Medical Examination

To obtain a medical certificate you must be examined by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). The reason for this examination is to maintain or promote aviation safety. At (website), our faculty is here to help you in accomplishing your certificate. Obtaining your pilot license is amongst your proud achievements but at a meantime it is also hard and difficult.
The following tips can help you in the complicated process of obtaining a medical certificate.
• Make yourself ready for 45 minutes of exam.
• Fill your all details using MedXpress ahead of time and acknowledge the faculty when they are ready for submission. Be honest while filling up all the information.
• If you’re concerned about a condition that may complicate your medical certification, call 203-340-9611. we can assist you to obtain the necessary certifications prior to your exam.
• In case if Dr. Murphy defers any certificate because he needs more work up. Don’t worry we can perform this for you.

Sleep Apnea Home Testing

Sleep apnea is usually characterized by abnormally low breathing or apneas (abnormal disruption while aspirate) during sleep. These abnormalities can arise because of blockage to respiratory airflow, lack of breathing effort or may be a combination of the both symptoms. Most people are not much aware about the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. Even the disorder is often noticed by somebody who sleeps in the same room or by individual’s bed partner.
Sleep apnea home testing allows individuals to measure how many times their breathing flow interrupted while sleeping. According to the research five times of interruption indicates the occurrence of sleep apnea.

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